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2016 Lexus NX OVERVIEW Overview Icon

2016 Lexus NX in Seaside

“Going boldly forward like no crossover before it, the first-ever NX combines design, intuitive technology and a potent turbocharged engine to take on whatever urban adventure comes your way.” —

Starting at :

  • 235 Horsepower
  • 28-MPG Highway Rating
  • 0 to 60 in 7.2 Seconds
  • 2.0-Liter Turbocharged Engine
  • Six-Speed Automatic Transmission
2016 Lexus NX Main Img

2016 Lexus NX MODELS

  • NX Turbo

    NX Turbo

    MSRP $35,385

  • NX Turbo F-Sport

    NX Turbo F-Sport

    MSRP $37,385

  • NX 300h

    NX 300h

    MSRP $39,720

  • NX Hybrid

    NX Hybrid

    MSRP $39,720

Lexus NX Dealer in Seaside

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2016 Lexus NX performance


The NX makes the most of every cubic inch of its 2.0-liter engine. And then some. Relying on highly evolved twin-scroll turbocharger technology and the ability to seamlessly move between conventional and Atkinson cycles, you'll experience quick acceleration and greater efficiency as you cruise through town.

2016 Lexus NX performance


Available on the NX and NX F SPORT, the all-wheel drive (AWD) system monitors vehicle and road conditions to predict your path. Then it maximizes efficiency by automatically delivering up to 50% of available torque to the rear wheels only when you need it.

2016 Lexus NX performance


Drive Mode Select enables you to make your NX more responsive or efficient with a simple turn of a dial.

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2016 Lexus NX comfort


The available Lexus Enform Remote mobile app can help you remotely start the engine, lock and unlock doors, check the status of doors and windows as well as your fuel level, and can help find your vehicle’s location in a parking lot. And, should you loan your Lexus to another driver, you can receive instant alerts if, for example, a preset speed or mile limit is exceeded. Lexus Enform Remote is complimentary for the first year of ownership.

STANDARD ON: NX 200t, NX 200t F SPORT, NX 300h

2016 Lexus NX comfort


The full-color display within the gauge cluster allows you to quickly and easily read the data you need for optimum performance. In addition to basics like drive mode, shift position and odometer information, this on-dash display offers multimedia linkage so that you can view incoming calls, current song titles and more.

STANDARD ON: NX 200t, NX 200t F SPORT, NX 300h

2016 Lexus NX comfort


Customize the climate around you. Individual settings allow the driver and front passenger to adjust their preferred temperatures.

STANDARD ON: NX 200t, NX 200t F SPORT, NX 300h

2016 Lexus NX comfort


Even the cupholders are advanced. Utilizing a unique grip design, they allow you to unscrew your beverage cap with a single hand.

STANDARD ON: NX 200t, NX 200t F SPORT, NX 300h

2016 Lexus NX SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

Basic Warranty 48 Months/50K Miles & Powertrain Warranty 72 Months/70K Miles

Every Lexus is backed by a comprehensive warranty that should give you miles and miles of confidence. But in case you wanted to extend your peace of mind, you'll find a variety of plans available, including ones for longer-term care, one that covers accessories and another in the event of a total loss of your Lexus due to theft, fire or accident. Take a look below to learn more about your standard coverage, as well as additional coverage options.

2016 Lexus NX Safety Main Img
2016 Lexus NX safety


A variety of features are designed to help keep you and your passengers safe. These include: driver's and front passenger's advanced airbag system (SRS), driver's and front passenger's knee airbags (SRS), front and rear side curtain airbags (SRS) and front seat-mounted side airbags (SRS).

STANDARD ON: NX 200t, NX 200t F SPORT, NX 300h

2016 Lexus NX safety


To help provide added visibility for you as well as other drivers on the road, available intelligent high-beam headlamps offer added illumination when the road ahead is clear and temporarily switch to low-beam when they sense another vehicle ahead.

STANDARD ON: NX 200t, NX 200t F SPORT, NX 300h

2016 Lexus NX safety


Taking the exterior design to the next level, the LED rear combination lamps are constructed to create a powerful presence while consuming less power for greater efficiency. LED taillamps also last longer and illuminate faster than conventional bulbs, possibly giving drivers behind you more time to react to the brake lamps.

STANDARD ON: NX 200t, NX 200t F SPORT, NX 300h

2016 Lexus NX safety


Available Lane Departure Alert uses a camera to monitor visible lane markings, and is designed to warn you if you are drifting so that you can steer back into the lane.